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The 90 series
Touch - Train - Connect®

In your living room watching your favorit program while working on a top condition and a good look? That’s why you can train on the new Tunturi 90 series. The Tunturi 90 combines the best of both worlds: fitness and multimedia. During your training session you can explore the world of multimedia on the 10.2” touch screen console. It makes the monitoring of your training easy, while you are browsing on the internet, reading and answering e-mails and staying in touch with your friends via social networks. Or train and relax. Read an e-book or keep up with the daily news – the 90 series keep you up to date. The console is equipped with WiFi, which makes it easy to connect to the available wireless network.

Reading an e-book or e-mails, browsing on the internet, communicating via social media, all the while you are working out. Discover this unique combination that will bring you ultimate freedom, energy and, above all, the motivation to keep on training. And of course, the 90 series have the essential traditional features. The many training programmes in the console allow you to create your own training sessions. You can track your progress with the fitness test and challenge yourself with the race function. The products from the 90 series collection have everything you need to ensure a challenging and motivating training session. Enjoy it. Training has never been so much fun!


  • Read books
  • Watch movies
  • Listen to music, dock your iPhone or iPod


  • T-Road
  • T-Ride
  • Fitness programs


  • Stay connected with the world
  • Social networks
  • Read and send emails
  • Keep up with the news
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TUNTURI 90 serija

Elipsinis treniruoklis C90

Pardavimo kaina 8869,00 Lt

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Elipsinis treniruoklis C95

Pardavimo kaina 9639,00 Lt

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Treniruočių dviratis E90

Pardavimo kaina 7639,00 Lt

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Treniruočių dviratis E90L

Pardavimo kaina 8049,00 Lt

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Treniruočių dviratis E90R

Pardavimo kaina 8575,00 Lt

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