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Treniruočių dviratis E90R

Pardavimo kaina 8575,00 Lt

Comfort down to the last detail. Efficient, effective yet comfortable training. Equipped with the new 90 series monitor and many unique Tunturi functions that allow you to combine the best of both worlds: fitness and multimedia. Stay motivated to workout by reading E-books, sending emails, watching your favorite movies and checking out social media networks during your training session.

- Extra low and wide step-through, making it easy and comfortable to get on the recumbent.
- Stay connected to the multimedia world with T-Touch and T-Web.
- T-Ride challenges you through a graphic outdoor simulation.
- A nd T-Road™, a genuine outdoor cycling experience through Tuscany.
- Unique to Tunturi: ergonomic ‘soft’ pedals. Even permits exercise without shoes.

Programme displays 10.2” touch screen console display, resolution 1024 x 600
Time / Distance / Speed true
RPM true
Energy consumption true
Training power (W) true
Heart rate true
Programmes total 127
Training modes Quick start, Manual, Constant Watt, Constant HRC, T-Road™, T-Music™, T-Ride™, Preset Programmes, User programmes, Race, Fitness Test
Preset programmes 10
User programmes 100
T-Road 3
T-Ride 5
HRC programmes Constant HRC, 5 preset programmes
Programme adjustment T-Scale™
Fitness test Multistep fitness test
T-Music -
User register 20 user register
PC connection trueUSB host + 2 USB ports for own memory sticks
Languages 8
Media functions WiFi wireless connection, Send and read E-mails, Read E-books, Browse the web, Stay connected to the world
Technical details
Brake Electro magnet
Transmission ratio 1:9
Rotating mass 14 kg / 31 lbs
Power output 600 W / 100 rpm , 350 W / 60 rpm
Power supply Mains current
Transformer 26 V / 2.3 A
Width 70 cm / 28 inches
Lenght 171 cm / 67 inches
Height 117 cm / 46 inches
Total product weight 61 kg / 134 lbs
Maximum user weight 150 kg / 330 lbs
Ergometer true
EN-957 Class SA
Operating environment Home, Light Commercial
Contact heart rate trueANT+ technology
  true2.4 GHz analogue
Seat adjustments Horizontal and back rest tilt
Handlebar adjustments Front handlebar tilt
Ergonomic components Extra smooth seat gliding system, Soft 2-part seat, Stable handlebars, Easy ultra-low step through frame, Comfort pedals (unique Tunturi design), Storage space for towel or bottle
Transport wheels true